Kickstarter Finds 28-05-2017

There are some great new Kickstarter projects available. Why not check out some of these… Notebooks: Gradient Notebooks Notebook: The Perfect Notebook Notebook: Omnes Notebook Notebook: Hyleflex Notebook Notebook: Upmood Notebook Notebook: Kid Themed Notebooks (Travel & Pirates) Notebook: Waterproof Notebook Planner: CHISEL: The Most Functional Fitness Planner Ever Created Pens: Titanium EDC Ink Pocket […]

Kickstarter Finds 21-05-2017

There are some great new Kickstarter projects available. Why not check out some of these… Notebook: StoryClock Notebook – a notebook designed for screenwriters Journal: Stomp Here – an interactive journal for miscarriage Journal: Surf Log Journal: Slam Pregnancy – an art journal for expecting mothers Planner: Jot Planner: PlanO Planner Planner: Reusable Shopping Planner […]

Kikki K – 365 Journal

I finally got one. The 365 Journal from Kikki K has been on my wishlist for a while now and has featured in many previous blogposts. It is a solid notebook, with some weight behind it, but it is also beautiful in its simplicity. I chose to get the “Life Essentials” version of the 365 […]

A to Z Challenge 2017 – Reflections

Thank you for joining us for the Challenge this year. My views on the Challenge I first did the challenge in 2012 (this is my fifth time). When I started it was both smaller and I had more time to dedicate to visiting other blogs. Of course, the great thing about the challenge is the […]

Kickstarter Finds 07-05-2017

There are some great new Kickstarter projects available. Why not check out some of these… Notebook: Upmood – Notebook with emotions on every page Notebook: Wooden Notebook Journal: Career Journal Journal: Our NICU Journey Journal: Big Life Journal for Kids Journal: My Hype Book (Motivational Journal) Pen: Plenty Pen (4 in 1 pen) Pen: Scribe: […]

Pocket Notebook Subscription: April 2017

  Contents of Subscription Box Samuel Morse (Limited Edition) set of 3 ruled notebooks from Writepad and Co. Pack of 6 “Telegraph” Pencils from Writepad and Co. Black Space set of 3 (dot grid) notebooks from Darkstar Collection. “Write” Sticker Paperclips Papio Press Postcard Full details of each notebook will be published as part of […]

Review: 365 Calendar by Poligon

I was an early bird backer of the beautiful metal calendar from Poligon.  There were 4 versions of the 365 Calendar from Poligon available as part of the Kickstarter Campaign. I went for the original flat version. The Calendar arrived well packaged, and snuggly fitted into a custom box, almost like a DVD inside a […]


Thank you to everyone who participated in our National Stationery Week Giveaway, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is Jane Potts. Jane – you will receive instructions in your inbox about how to claim your prize. If you missed out, you can still subscribe to the Visibility Planner Printables Collection.

Z is for… Zen

It is the last day of the challenge. Today we would like to encourage you to use your notebooks in your practice of meditation and mindfulness. Keep a meditation notebook by sitting down after meditation and taking a few minutes to journal what you’ve been experiencing. The journalling also allows you to look back and […]

Y is for… Year

Y is for… Year. Whether you are keeping a diary or journal, keeping track of your habits, your sentence a day for a year, or keeping a daily record of just about anything that interests you. Celebrate and record your year using your notebook collection. What do you keep a daily record of? Links & […]