botanicals labels and stickers from Rifle Paper Co.

Botanicals – Labels & Stickers from Rifle Paper Co

botanicals labels and stickers from Rifle Paper Co.

Once again we are taking a closer look at the stationery haul from Fox + Star. This pack of stickers and labels from Rifle Paper Co, features 150 stickers. The stickers are a beautiful selection of stickers and labels/book plates. These are some examples of the stickers included.

sticker set - rifle paper co

As you can see they include a variety of styles of stickers. The stickers feature mainly floral and stationery images.

rifle paper co - snail mail sticker

If you are a fan of sending parcels, correspondence and snail mail this is a must-have set of stickers. There are lots of stickers to decorate your letters and parcels with. I personally think that the stickers are great for this and use a lot of the stickers to seal / decorate my envelopes. With Valentine’s day fast approaching I’ve been using the heart sticker and the “Sealed with a Kiss” sticker which are pictured below.

Sealed with a Kiss Sticker from Rifle Paper Co. featured on an envelope.

heart sticker on card - heart sticker from Rifle Paper Co.

You can buy your own set at Fox + Star


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