V is for… Voyages & Volcanos

Exotic far of lands and voyages (and volcanoes) deserve a notebook dedicated to them. Yes, I am talking about using notebooks to record your travels and adventures. By using any notebook rather than a pre-designed travel notebook you can be much more flexible or it can cover a specific topic or aspect of your travels. […]

U is for… Unboxing

Whether you want to keep a record of products you buy for your own records, or for your blog. Keeping an ‘unboxing’ notebook can be a great way to keep a record. I use a Calepino notebook to keep track of all my notebooks. I also keep a word notebook to keep a list of […]

T is for… Tracking Time

Time is precious. This is why we focus so much on time management and saving time. There are plenty of tools for planning your time, but what about using a notebook for tracking how you are spending your time instead? You could use it as a record of what you are doing/achieving. You could use […]

S is for… Samples & Swatches

Similar to the Knitting and Arts & Crafts Notebook Ideas, we have included Samples and Swatches as a separate letter. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be limited to swatches and samples relating to your hobbies it can also relate to swatches and samples for anything: such as your house (and any home redecorating projects […]

R is for… Reading Log

The letter “R” could be for lots of things. It could be for recipes, research or reading. Another great use for an everyday notebook is to use it for keeping a reading log of the books you have read (and/or a reading list of the books you want to read). You might want to keep […]

Q is for… Quotes

Write down quotes that you love in a notebook. A collection of great quotes can be used for inspiration and work as a great pick-me-up. It can also be a simple way to record wisdom, inspiration and some fun. You might choose to have a particular theme or source for your quotes – but you […]

P is for… Prompts

I keep a notebook for writing prompts. Whether you want to use prompts for your writing to provide inspiration and motivation or whether you use journal prompts for your own personal journalling to help you create and capture memories and learn more about yourself. Prompts can help you explore things that you wouldn’t otherwise have […]

O is for… One Sentence a Day

You may have heard of one sentence a day notebooks / journals used to record one sentence a day around your chosen theme. You might use the “one sentence” method for your gratitude journal. Alternatively, you might use it to record what happened on a particular day either from a personal perspective or from a […]

N is for… Notes

There is no denying that a notebook should be used for note taking. Therefore why not use some of your everyday notebooks for doing just that – for taking notes. You might want to take notes at meetings, at training events or conferences, at study sessions or lectures. Wherever you are and wherever you are […]

M is for… Monthly Notebooks

I write using monthly notebooks in all areas of my life: my work, my hobbies and my downtimes. For me it is a way of (1) keeping things under control and / or compartmentalised; (2) only needing to use/carry one notebook at a time and (3) keeping track of goals and milestones, by taking a […]