Book Artist – Two Wood Press

Two Wood Press Two Wood Press is the letterpress and printmaking workshop of Andrew Morrison and Donald Workman, founded in 2005 their workshop is in Chalford, near Stroud, Gloucestershire. We work with handset metal and wooden type, woodcut and other relief methods of printing. They print artists’ books, posters and cards and use printing in […]

Book Artist – One Pound Poems

Amber Hsu (徐碧莉//xúbìlì) is a Chinese-born, US-raised, UK-based writer, poet, filmmaker, visual artist, and small press publisher. She is also the creator of #OnePoundPoems — a live, verse-making endeavour involving a 1936 Remington Portable typewriter, a handful of willing poets, and the goodwill of strangers. In 2013, she conceived of and created Tiny Pencil — an independent, […]

Book Artist – The Chinchilla

Alexandra Czinczel. Her artist’s books are in collections at the UCL / Slade library (Small Press Collection), the University of Winchester, the University of the West of England in Bristol, and the Gutenberg Collection in Mainz, Germany. From December 2010 a selection of her books can be bought at bookartbookshop, a wonderful shop in Pitfield […]