How to: Create an effective to do list

Do you use your notebooks to write down your to-do lists? Quite often my to-do lists will spread out over a number of notebooks and planners – however, the key thing to remember is that your to-do list should be effective. We have created a round up of some of the best methods for making […]

Stop Doing List (and my monthly notebook)

  This month I have been using two notebooks one of which is an A6 Campo Marzio Design Notebook (pictured above) which is part of the Campo Marzo bundle of notebooks I bought last year. The notebook I have been using has a bright blue cover and grey paper. Using a mechanical pencil on grey […]

To Do List: The 1-3-5 Method

Still struggling to find a way to manage your to-do list? Why not take a step back and use the 1-3-5 rule (from the daily muse). The concept is simple. Don’t overburden yourself with a long to-do list instead pick 9 things to do on a daily basis – I large thing, 3 medium things […]

To Do List Notebook

The to-do list notebook from Printed Portal is the latest addition in their organisational notebooks for professionals and the latest addition to my collection of work notebooks. I have started working in a new department at work and I thought that this might be the most appropriate notebook for managing my task list. The work […]

Review, Refresh and Renew your Schedule

Gosh, how July has flown by. It has been a rather busy month (with August set to be even busier) and I am rather disappointed that my blogging appears to have taken a back seat. That is changing now. I am still playing around with habit tracking and scheduling my time. A couple of months […]

How to track your habits! App, Notebook or Filofax?

How do you force yourself to stick to your daily routine, or develop a habit? As a general rule of thumb if you keep doing something often enough it will become second nature. But how do you remind yourself and track your progress? A couple of years ago I started out using one of my […]

Which to-dos should you be working on?

A frequently asked question. The paralegal’s to-do list is endless (as is the to-do list of a solicitor or trainee). A frequently asked question is “what should I be working on?”. Not just for me, but for all my colleagues. Scottish guy took me through a to-do method that he was taught on an “organisation […]