botanicals labels and stickers from Rifle Paper Co.

Botanicals – Labels & Stickers from Rifle Paper Co

Once again we are taking a closer look at the stationery haul from Fox + Star. This pack of stickers and labels from Rifle Paper Co, features 150 stickers. The stickers are a beautiful selection of stickers and labels/book plates. These are some examples of the stickers included. As you can see they include a […]

Livework 10 Colour Twin Pen Set [Review]

I bought this set of candy-coloured double tipped pens by Livework from Fox + Star last year. I originally bought these as a replacement for my Iconic Colour Twin Pens which I had recently run done (and which appeared to be out of stock everywhere). However, they were not quite the same feel and I […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018! We would like to wish all our readers a very happy new year and tell you all about our plans for 2018. So what have we got planned? Well, we simply have planned to have more regular updates including Monthly Notebooks and sharing our Subscription Boxes (we have […]

Happy Christmas

We would like to wish all our readers a very merry christmas. We hope you are all having some rest and relaxation over the holiday period. If you haven’t already do checkout our 2018 countdown series for inspiration for journals and diares for the new year.  


Thank you to everyone who participated in our National Stationery Week Giveaway, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is Jane Potts. Jane – you will receive instructions in your inbox about how to claim your prize. If you missed out, you can still subscribe to the Visibility Planner Printables Collection.

Countdown to 2017 – Kikki K Diaries

Today’s round-up includes the current range from Kikki-K. Kikki K – 2017 A5 Weekly Diary: Sweet Kikki K – 2017 Large Weekly Diary: Cute Kikki K – 2017 A4 Weekly Diary: Pink Lavender Kikki K – 2017 Small Weekly Diary: Thrive Kikki K – 2017 Planner Kikki K – 2017 Small Weekly Diary: Inspire

Countdown to 2017 – Fun Diaries

Today’s round-up includes some of my favourite fun diaries all of which are available at John Lewis. Emma Bridgewater 2017 Diary Organised Mum Life Book Diary Busy B Busy Life 2017 Floral Diary Caroline Gardner Ditsy a5 2017 Diary Kate Spade Agenda (medium) Go Stationery – Polka Dots Diary

Countdown to 2017: Blog Planners Edition

Finally – the blog planners edition to my countdown to 2017. Many of us use a diary or planner to plan our online life, business or blog. So here is the round-up of some of the great blog planners available on the web: 2017 Blogging Planner and Calender (Blog Energizer) 2017 Blog Planner (Confessions of […]