K is for… Knitting (and arts & crafts projects)

Think about your hobbies. A notebook can be a great way of logging, recording and tracking hobbies. I have picked knitting and other arts and crafts for today’s notebook suggestion.

Using the example of knitting you might want to use the notebook to:

  • track your various projects;
  • store sketches and patterns;
  • record new design ideas;
  • list an inventory of supplies;
  • jot down useful information and references – think of information you are always googling and wish you had in one handy place
  • write down details of sizes for people you knit for regularly
  • pull together “how to” information
  • keep a record of articles and research
  • note down addresses and details for places you source supplies
  • write your notes.

Take some time to sketch out plan your notebook so that it works for your needs. Whatever your hobby.

What is your hobby? Do you use a notebook for your hobby? Share in the comments.

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