Livework 10 Colour Twin Pen Set [Review]

I bought this set of candy-coloured double tipped pens by Livework from Fox + Star last year.

I originally bought these as a replacement for my Iconic Colour Twin Pens which I had recently run done (and which appeared to be out of stock everywhere). However, they were not quite the same feel and I would be unlikely to use these as an everyday pen as I had done with the Iconic Pens.


The Livework set of 5 twin pens has 10 individual colours

  • pink, (thick)
  • blue green, (thin)
  • orange, (thick)
  • blue, (thin)
  • yellow, (thick)
  • purple, (thin)
  • mint, (thick)
  • rose pink, (thin)
  • sky blue (thick)
  • grey (thin)

One end is a wide chisel tip and one is a thin pointed tip.

They are great for colour coding, underling and highlighting. They are not so great for everyday writing, but they do make a great addition to the pencil case (and even come in their own handy box to keep them safe). If you are looking for pens to write with the gel pen equivalent looks like the better option (although I have not personally tried these).


Buy your own at Fox & Star – £12

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