M is for… Monthly Notebooks

I write using monthly notebooks in all areas of my life: my work, my hobbies and my downtimes. For me it is a way of (1) keeping things under control and / or compartmentalised; (2) only needing to use/carry one notebook at a time and (3) keeping track of goals and milestones, by taking a linear timeline approach.

Any notebook can make a good monthly notebook. The only requirement is that you use if for the month a month as a mind dump. I use a wide variety of notebooks as monthly notebooks from A5 notebooks to pocket notebooks (link for the list is below). The other great thing is that you can then review these notebooks this acts as an end of month review and usually sets the goal posts for the next month and can feed into your other notebooks.

I quite often scan and archive important information/content as well and extract it from the rambling content to use it. It can also provide idea generation and a to do list.

Do you use a monthly notebook / one notebook / mind dump approach?

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2 thoughts on “M is for… Monthly Notebooks”

  1. I’ve never used a monthly notebook. I have used a notebook for mind dumps though. I use a nice spiral bound notebook with smooth pages so my pen can glide easily and keep up with the thoughts pouring out.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus

  2. I use a bullet journal notebook, which I guess is the same as a monthly notebook, except I carry it on from one month to the next. And I use it for everything, from scheduling, to keeping lists of things, to using it as a general mind dump.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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