O is for… One Sentence a Day

You may have heard of one sentence a day notebooks / journals used to record one sentence a day around your chosen theme. You might use the “one sentence” method for your gratitude journal. Alternatively, you might use it to record what happened on a particular day either from a personal perspective or from a news headline perspective.  You might want to get more creative and think up lots of themes for a one sentence journal based on your hobbies or blog or even based on your A to Z Challenge (or someone else’s).

Ideas and Suggestions: Gratitude, Daily Learning Points, Daily Achievements, Eating Habits, the Weather, News, Daily Journal, Fact & Figures, Song of the Day, YouTube Video of the day, Daily High Score, Quote of the Day, Joke of the Day, Picture of the Day, New Word of the Day, Question (and Answer) of the day…

Why not record your life one sentence at a time. Add any suggestions/themes in the comments.

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