Review: 365 Calendar by Poligon

I was an early bird backer of the beautiful metal calendar from Poligon.  There were 4 versions of the 365 Calendar from Poligon available as part of the Kickstarter Campaign. I went for the original flat version. The Calendar arrived well packaged, and snuggly fitted into a custom box, almost like a DVD inside a […]


Thank you to everyone who participated in our National Stationery Week Giveaway, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is Jane Potts. Jane – you will receive instructions in your inbox about how to claim your prize. If you missed out, you can still subscribe to the Visibility Planner Printables Collection.

Z is for… Zen

It is the last day of the challenge. Today we would like to encourage you to use your notebooks in your practice of meditation and mindfulness. Keep a meditation notebook by sitting down after meditation and taking a few minutes to journal what you’ve been experiencing. The journalling also allows you to look back and […]

Y is for… Year

Y is for… Year. Whether you are keeping a diary or journal, keeping track of your habits, your sentence a day for a year, or keeping a daily record of just about anything that interests you. Celebrate and record your year using your notebook collection. What do you keep a daily record of? Links & […]

X is for… Xmas

Planning any occasion is another great way to use a notebook and of course, the occasion that requires the most planning (and causes the greatest stress) is Christmas. You may wish to use your notebook to plan your present list, your Christmas card list, the food you are eating on Christmas day (or over the […]

W is for… Websites

The average person spends more time online than they do sleeping. However, all that time you spend online does not mean that there is not a place in your online life for a notebook. I use notebooks for all different aspects of my online life: I use a notebook for my A to Z Challenge, […]

V is for… Voyages & Volcanos

Exotic far of lands and voyages (and volcanoes) deserve a notebook dedicated to them. Yes, I am talking about using notebooks to record your travels and adventures. By using any notebook rather than a pre-designed travel notebook you can be much more flexible or it can cover a specific topic or aspect of your travels. […]

U is for… Unboxing

Whether you want to keep a record of products you buy for your own records, or for your blog. Keeping an ‘unboxing’ notebook can be a great way to keep a record. I use a Calepino notebook to keep track of all my notebooks. I also keep a word notebook to keep a list of […]

T is for… Tracking Time

Time is precious. This is why we focus so much on time management and saving time. There are plenty of tools for planning your time, but what about using a notebook for tracking how you are spending your time instead? You could use it as a record of what you are doing/achieving. You could use […]