Kickstarter Finds 16-04-2017

There are some great new kickstarter projects available. Why not check out some of these… Bamboo Notebooks Motivation: Wooden Notebook Perfect Lab Notebook (US Shipping only) Hippo Noto Gametee: World’s Finest Leather Notebooks for Gamers Pen + notebook + leather cover = your perfect assistant Whiskey Journal MyndMap Ti Pocket Pro : The Auto Adjusting […]

M is for… Monthly Notebooks

I write using monthly notebooks in all areas of my life: my work, my hobbies and my downtimes. For me it is a way of (1) keeping things under control and / or compartmentalised; (2) only needing to use/carry one notebook at a time and (3) keeping track of goals and milestones, by taking a […]

L is for… Lists

Lists can be written anywhere and about anything. All your notebooks probably include lists of some kind within then anyway. Or you might include them in your bullet journal. Or you may even have a dedicated listbook like listography. But even if you don’t have or want a list book, you may wish to consider […]

K is for… Knitting (and arts & crafts projects)

Think about your hobbies. A notebook can be a great way of logging, recording and tracking hobbies. I have picked knitting and other arts and crafts for today’s notebook suggestion. Using the example of knitting you might want to use the notebook to: track your various projects; store sketches and patterns; record new design ideas; […]

J is for… Journal

There are a few notebook collections and examples that are designed to make good journals the 365 springs to mind. But the reality is that any notebook can make a good freehand journal, provided you feel good writing in it and enjoy writing in it. These notebooks that I have used as previous journals are […]

I is for… Ink Tests

Everyday notebooks by great for testing out different inks, different pens and styles and practicing your handwriting. I have a notebook that I keep a log of my pens and pencils (including the freebies) and my test runs. You don’t have to be a pen enthusiast to do this, treat it as a mess book […]

H is for… hot topics

I work hard, play hard and use my free time to blog. It can sometimes mean that I accidentally blank out what is happening in the real world. As I don’t always have time to read the news and the publications that I should read for my job I batch my reading.  This also applies […]

G is for… Goals

The Goals Notebook a popular (and frequent) product on Kickstarter. I have backed a number of goal orientated products on Kickstarter. I simply love a good goals notebook and have used a number of them. However, I wasn’t always like this, my very first goals notebook was a simple grid pocket notebook which I wrote […]

F is for… Fiction

They say everyone has a book in them. I wrote my first ‘book’ as a teenage writing on file paper and kept it in a ringbinder. I am not a writer. But everyone once in a while I do have flashes of inspiration and feel like writing a short novel or short piece of fiction […]

E is for… Eating Habits

Eating and Food is such a large part of our lives that there ar a large number of notebooks out there for both foodies and health conscious people. Whether you do it for your mind body and soul or just enjoy your grub, notebooks can be used as a tracker for your food intake, for […]