Review: 365 Calendar by Poligon

I was an early bird backer of the beautiful metal calendar from Poligon.  There were 4 versions of the 365 Calendar from Poligon available as part of the Kickstarter Campaign. I went for the original flat version.

The Calendar arrived well packaged, and snuggly fitted into a custom box, almost like a DVD inside a slimline DVD case. Full marks for packaging.

The package came with warnings regarding sharp edges so I gently prised it out of the packaging and set it up. The flat version contains two little legs that you just slide in and they act as a stand.

The flat version also contains a magnet, so that it can be stuck to a magnetic board or your fridge. I have stuck mine to the magnetic board on one of my desks.

The dates in the calendar can then be folded back to mark off the days as the year progresses. The metal folds back beautifully. It is a beautifully made product and makes a great desk calendar – look out for the 2018 version. 

It does exactly what it says on the tin!

Overall Rating: 10/10