A to Z Challenge 2017 – Reflections

Thank you for joining us for the Challenge this year.

My views on the Challenge

I first did the challenge in 2012 (this is my fifth time). When I started it was both smaller and I had more time to dedicate to visiting other blogs. Of course, the great thing about the challenge is the opportunity to find new blogs (and I will continue to visit blogs after the challenge is over). I did miss the linky list. With limited time, and with so many blogs the Linky list helped me to keep track of the blogs I had visited. This part was invaluable to me with so many blogs. I have great intentions to revisit blogs I have missed, but again, I feel a lack of linky list may perhaps make this more difficult – but we shall see.

In the same way, as I have done in previous years, I saved the themes/blogs I enjoyed and wanted to revisit to my RSS feed, and this continued to work well.

The great thing with using the comments / social media list is that you are only clicking on active participants. I struggled to post a link every day. It is not that I don’t care about my blog, it is simply that I have a lot of demands on my time. So my “participation” was sporadic (which is in line with most years of the challenge). I would have a good day where I could sit down for an hour, post my link and read some blogs and leave some comments. Other days I would simply not have the time (to do anything). I wasn’t sure whether to after the day was over whether to go back and repost a link on the thread for that particular letter. I didn’t, perhaps I should have.

I didn’t actively use social media (and yet I had done in previous years because of the higher level of interaction on twitter). This seemed to be missing this year.

However, I simply love the challenge. The change didn’t break it for me and I was still happy to participate. After all, whatever makes it easier for those running the show is the way to go.

My Favourite Themes and Challenges Roundup

I have posted a list below of 10 of my favourite themes from other participants, be sure to check them out.

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