Bloom & Wild: The Meghan

If you haven’t already discovered the letterbox flowers from Bloom & Wild these make a great gift (to yourself or to others). I ordered some blooms recently. They arrive as buds (so that they last longer and presumably so that they also fit through your letterbox. The stems will then develop and bloom within a […]

Jude Goss - Lucian Stained Glass

Artist: Lucian Stained Glass

Jude Goss owns and runs Lucian Stained Glass a stained glass and leaded light company. They have spealist experience in design, manufacture, restoration, repair and installation of statined glass, using traditional techniques with coloured glass and lead cames. Here are some of my personal favourites: See more of her collection and learn about how to […]

Elena Illustrations - Postcards

Kickstarter Find: 100 day project floral postcards

I recently backed a Kickstarter Campaign by Elena O’Neill an illustrator and pattern designer based here in the UK. She turned watercolour patterns from her 100 days product into greeting cards and postcards grouped in 4 collections: Harvest Botanical Ditsy Floral Pop Each collection features 5 designs. I choose the botanical collection.My particular favourite is […]

Plant music - midori

‘Plant Music’ Midori Travel Planner

Another Notebook Therapy purchase (love this place). This time I got a Midori Travel Planner. When I was looking at this product I wasn’t that bothered about the inserts, but the cover looked amazing! The cover is made of a high-quality faux leather and is available in a number of plant themed covers. It actually […]

Pattern Story - Green Surroundings

EDC: Pattern Story Notebook – Green Surroundings

My latest everyday carry notebook is this bright and leafy pattern story notebook “Green Surroundings”. As with all pattern story notebooks this notebook gives of a fresh and vibrant feeling of being alive – but what I love about this one, in particular, is the bright pinks in the background that really make the greenery […]

Richard Cresswell Sculpture

Sculpture: Richard Cresswell

Richard Cresswell is primarily a metalwork sculpturer. He uses the nature of the materials to give colours, textures to the pieces along with form. A particularly stunning piece is the walnut leaf sculptures (pictured above). Find out more on his website.

Wilko Floral Address Book

Do you still use a paper address book or do you just use your mobile or computer for all your addresses? I do. I recently bought this A6 Address Book from Wilko. It is handy for keeping all of your contacts in one place. I keep it on my desk along side my stamps and […]

kickstarter finds stationery notebooks

Kickstarter Finds 09-06-2019

New Kickstarter Campaigns There are some great new Kickstarter projects available since our last round-up. As usual, there is a good selection of crowd-funded stationery on offer so why not check out some of these new projects/not previously mentioned projects: CZUR Smart Notebook: Better Organization, Easy Sharing MIYAKO: My Hand Drawn Ink and Watercolor Street […]

Notebooks of Awesome - Dragons

Kickstarter Find: Notebooks of Awesome

The Notebooks of Awesome was another stationery product that I found on Kickstarter. They are a series of premium-quality fantasy inspired notebooks. As part of the Kickstarter Campaign they released four notebooks as part of the series: Sea Creatures Skeleton Dragons Pirates I pledged for two notebooks: Dragons (pictured above) and pirates (pictured below). Product […]

Instagram Posts - NotesinaBook - Christine Baxter Hare

Sculpture: Christine Baxter

Owned and directed by Christine Baxter, Artstone takes inspiration from the human form and objects in nature. Artstone is a garden sculpture business based in South Wales. Artstone creates a variety of contemporary and classic garden sculptures from wall mounted sculptural plaques to female figures.  She creates animal and steel cut out garden sculptures. Here […]