P is for… Prompts

I keep a notebook for writing prompts.


Whether you want to use prompts for your writing to provide inspiration and motivation or whether you use journal prompts for your own personal journalling to help you create and capture memories and learn more about yourself. Prompts can help you explore things that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought about. A notebook can be a great place for both keeping a list of prompts and actually writing them out or writing a list based on prompts.

There are some fantastic prompt resources online with many different themes and purposes. Look for a selection of prompts that inspire you and of course help you achieve your end goal. They don’t even have to be writing prompts they could be drawing, sketching or even photography prompts.

Once this is decided – any notebook will do, pick one that suits your writing style (some people like to decorate and others just like to write). I chose to use the Lenore – a pocket notebook from Write Notepads.

Do you use writing and/or journalling prompts? What are your favourite prompts? Share in the comments.

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