Kickstarter Finds: Ungridded Notebooks

About the UnGridded Notebooks

Their UnGridded Pocket Notebooks and Colouring Books focus on different topics from many diverse disciplines. I backed both their Series I and Series II Pocket Notebooks. The Kickstarter Campaign itself was funded in June 2016, but I only received my notebooks last month (and to be perfectly honest I had completely forgotten that I had backed these – so they were a pleasant surprise when they arrived).  Each pocket notebook has 32 pages which are individually designed and have patterns with a particular theme. I’ve shared some pictures below. If you missed out during the Kickstarter campaign you can buy the notebooks and colouring books in their online shop.

Series I Notebooks

The first series in the collection consists of three notebooks.

  • 001 – Prototype – Filled with the initial (colouring book) patterns
  • 002 – Landscape – Filled with topographical maps of National Parks and Landforms
  • 003 – Cities – Filled with Street maps of different cities around the world

Series II Notebooks

The second series in the collection consists of a further three notebooks which were created in collaboration with other artists/designers.

  • 004 – Nature – in collaboration with NERVOUS SYSTEM – Filled with the generative artworks found in cellular natural systems
  • 005 – Wonder – in collaboration with HYBYCOZOFilled with artworks to discover sacred patterns
  • 006 – Music – Theory of Sound by Ernst Chladni – Filled with Ernst Chladni’s experiments of natural frequencies patterns


from their website:

A M I N I M A L  (pronounced A-MINI-MAL) is a philosophy for the direction of Art and Design in the 21st Century. Pertaining to Minimal art, Aminimalism follows some of the underlining principles of Minimalism, yet takes it to another level of simplified complexity. AMINIMAL Studio is a Brooklyn-based company focused on researching complex systems and emerging technologies as an approach to designing 21st century products. Using technology such as 3D printing, Lasercutting, Etching, 3D milling, Robotic Manufacturing, and Generative Design Software.