A to Z Challenge -The Theme Reveal #atozchallenge

Welcome to my theme reveal blog post. Previously on the blog we have done an A to Z of Notebooks & Stationery, an A to Z of Specific Purposes Notebooks, an A to Z of Stationery Brands and Companies, and an A to Z of Japanese Stationery. You can find my previous notebook and stationery related challenges on my A to Z Challenge page.

This April we are going to be talking (blogging) about things that you can use any notebook for. What? I hear you ask slightly confused. Well if you are anything like me you probably have a lot of notebooks lying around not being used. Crying out to be used. So what could you be using them for?

Lots of things!

This A to Z Challenge will help inspired you and get you using your unused notebooks (or perhaps to go out and buy a new one). We hope to make this challenge a bit more of a discussion this time round.

What are you doing for your own A to Z Challenge?

25 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge -The Theme Reveal #atozchallenge”

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I will be looking forward to your posts too! love movies 🙂

  1. I actually have a couple of really nice notebooks that I am afraid to use for fear or ruining or wasting them… And for every one that I have, my wife has ten 🙂

    1. This is a common phobia – I’ve so many unused notebooks. Part of the reasona behind the theme for this challenge is to encourage me to use more.

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