Z is for… Zen

It is the last day of the challenge. Today we would like to encourage you to use your notebooks in your practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Keep a meditation notebook by sitting down after meditation and taking a few minutes to journal what you’ve been experiencing. The journalling also allows you to look back and review and reflect on the experience and what has changed. You can use the notebook to set goals.

Any blank or lined notebook will do. Choose one with a bit of space to write.  Start with the date, the name of the meditation practice, and how long you meditated for. Then you can write more generally about how the practice went, e.g. by writing about distractions. Start brief, and keep a consistent (but not necessarily long) journal.

If meditation is not for you, why not try keeping a mindfulness journal.

Do you practice meditation or mindfulness? Do you keep a journal?

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